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A woman holds her three-year-old daughter in her arms outside while both laugh.

Supervised Visits with Unbiased Monitoring

Experience a relaxed and comfortable environment, where the discreet monitoring of parents during supervised visits ensures privacy and confidentiality, creating a serene atmosphere for family connections.

Our Services

Court-ordered, safe visits to address concerns and improve future plans.
A man holds his two-year-old sons hand in the park.
Supervised Exchanges & Off-Site Visits

Ensuring secure transitions and fostering positive connections, our services specialize in supervised exchanges and off-site visits, prioritizing the well-being of children during crucial family interactions.

A woman sits in a court providing testimony.
Court-Ordered Reports & Court Appearances 

Facilitating court-ordered supervised exchanges with precision, our services also provide comprehensive reports and, if required, expert court appearances to ensure a seamless and legally sound process for families.

An elderly woman visits with her young female relative.
Secure and Supportive Elderly Supervised Visitation Services

Ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly loved ones, our supervised visitation services provide a secure and supportive environment for meaningful interactions, fostering positive connections within the family.

A woman crouches next to her son playing outside on a toy scooter.
 Supervised Visitation Services in Secure & Private Environments

Empowering families with confidential and discreet supervised visitation services, we offer expert recommendations for visit locations, ensuring a secure and safe environment where monitoring remains discreet and confidential.

About Us

A woman monitors a child playing with toys while smiling.
Safe Visits & Compassionate Care: 
Your Trusted Haven for Family Well-Being.

Welcome to our dedicated space, committed to ensuring safe visits for monitored parents without bias. We prioritize creating a relaxed and comfortable environment, where discreet monitoring guarantees privacy during supervised visits.


Our team is characterized by kindness, compassion, and care, backed by six years of valuable experience and 72 hours of licensing certification. Trust us to provide a supportive atmosphere for your family's well-being.

A woman visits with her children while sitting outside a cafe.
Understanding Supervised Visitation: Safeguarding Children's Best Interests

Supervised visitation in Nevada is a court-ordered measure designed to protect the best interests of children in custody or visitation matters. When safety or protection concerns arise, a judge may mandate that a child only interacts with a parent under the supervision of a neutral third person. This arrangement, known as 'supervised visitation,' aims to provide a safe environment for parent-child interactions, fostering the parent-child relationship while ensuring the child's well-being.


The court may order supervised visitation for various reasons, such as addressing specific issues, reintroducing a parent and child after a prolonged absence, establishing a relationship in the absence of prior connection, or in cases involving domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, substance abuse, parenting concerns, mental illness, or a threat of parental abduction. While the prospect of supervised visits might be challenging, addressing the court's concerns is often the most effective strategy to secure a more favorable visitation plan moving forward.

Contact Us

Give us a call to schedule an intake interview, or email us to receive a copy of the intake packet to review before moving forward. 

Once you've scheduled an interview appointment with us, make sure to send your required documents via email before presenting to your appointment. 

We serve clients in Clark County, Henderson, Boulder City, and Pahrump.


Required Documents

Prior to your intake interview, please ensure you email the following documents:

  • The court order

  • A photo of the child/children

  • Your Nevada Driver's License or Identification Card

  • Valid car insurance if transporting the child

  • Any restraining orders or no-contact orders

  • Your completed and signed Intake Packet


Additionally, remember to prepare a list of questions and bring it with you to the Intake Interview.

Intake Interview Procedures

Each parent will undergo an individual intake interview before the initial visit. This session will cover the following:

  • Court-ordered visitation guidelines

  • Visitation Agreement for Services

  • Fee structure and payment methods

  • Safety and security protocols

  • Program conditions and guidelines

  • Operating hours

  • Criteria for interrupting or concluding a visit

  • Termination procedures

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